Andrea Mamprin

graduate in Statistics at the University of Padua, and researcher for various public and private institutes for more than twenty years, during his 8-year period in Colombia, he was a professor of Market Research applied to digital environments and Data Management and Storage at UAO University (Universidad Autonoma de Occidente) and a professor of Web analytics at Javeriana University of Cali. He also founded CoCometrico, a Colombian Company operating in the field of Research and Market analysis.

Massimo Marchesin

graduate in Communication and Public Relation at IULM University, he worked for his thesis at the Psychometric Statistics Lab of the University of Padua under professor Giulio Vidotto, and he was a researcher (up to 2006) in socioeconomics and politics at different private Research Institutes. In 2006, he moved to Norway and started looking into furniture and design working with trade agencies, which allowed him to have a privileged point of view on this industry for more than 16 years. Founder of Brands Embassy.

Andrea and Massimo worked together from 2002 to 2006 at the Institute for Socio-Political Research Tolomeo Studi e Ricerche and at the Institute for Socio-Economic Research CERSA (European Center for Research and Advanced Studies). They reconnected in 2021 (Andrea at the time lived in Cali in Colombia, Massimo still lives in Oslo in Norway) with the intention of starting with the meAAns project: An observatory specialized in multi-methodological analyzes and investigations in and on the world of Furniture Design.